Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns and Bridges

If you have broken or missing teeth that affect how you chew or even how often you smile, then it may be a good time to consider the benefit of having that damage repaired with crowns or bridges. Patients who have received this treatment have reported tremendous improvements in their confidence level as well as their oral health.

Dental Crowns

A crown is essentially a cap that fits over the top of a tooth that may be cracked or a piece of the tooth is missing. A crown is intended to match the color of the tooth underneath and restore the normal appearance and function of the tooth. Crowns are made from all sorts of different materials including ceramic, porcelain, and gold. 

Dental Bridges

A bridge is used when a tooth is completely missing. A typical bridge is made up of three parts, which are a false tooth and two crowns that are manufactured in a way that makes them look and feel as if they were a real tooth. Bridges are an amazing option if you are missing teeth and would like to maintain the natural look of your smile.

When Do You Use Crowns And Bridges?

Crowns and bridges are used to treat a wide variety of dental issues, and these durable replacements for damaged or missing teeth are going to be better for your dental health in the long term.

Damaged Teeth

The term damaged can mean many different things, but it most commonly refers to teeth that have been cracked or broken as a result of some sort of trauma. In the case of damaged teeth, the solution is typically in the form of a crown, because it fits over the top of the tooth and prevents any further injury to the tooth.


Gaps can develop over time from the teeth naturally shifting or as a result of teeth breaking down. Crowns and bridges are both used depending on the severity of the gap to rebuild the proper tooth structure inside your mouth.

Discolored Teeth

If the teeth are severely discolored to the point where regular dental cleaning will not restore natural whiteness, then your dentist may recommend a cosmetic procedure using crowns to cover up the discolored teeth. Even if the discoloration is a result of a previous root canal or filling, there are materials that can bond to the surface of those teeth and restore the appearance.

Missing Teeth

Bridges are most commonly used in situations where there are one or several teeth missing. A missing tooth that is not replaced can cause other problems over time, such as issues chewing or gum infections. Bridges use a false tooth called a pontic to fill the space left by the missing tooth, and then a crown is laid over the top that matches the color and appearance of the surrounding teeth.

Crowns and bridges are designed to last a lifetime; however, just like your natural teeth, they are susceptible to becoming loose or falling out. Create good oral hygiene habits and visit our team at Ponderosa Smiles on a regular basis to ensure that your crown or bridge will last for as long as possible.